Minority Fellowship Program

The SAMHSA funded AAMFT Foundation Minority Fellowship Program brings together Doctoral and Masters Students interested in pursuing careers in marriage and family therapy from across the country to become part of the fellowship program. Applications for the MFP Fellowship are open to all qualified students that are committed to improving substance abuse and mental health services to racial and ethnic minority and underrepresented populations. This page outlines data information on MFP Fellows from 2007 to present. If you are interested in finding out more information on applying to the MFP please visit our MFP Application page.

The current number of MFP Alumni is: 697 Alumni.

MFP Reports List

Program Specific Information

MFP Program Fact Sheet
MFP State Representation
MFP Fellow Count
Race and Ethnicity in the MFP  
MFP Gender Count
Diversity in the MFP
MFP Program Admission Rate
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MFP Programming & Education Information

AAMFT Simulation in MFP Program
Cultural Competency in Linguistics
Fellow Mental Health and Substance Abuse Projects
Fellow Research Publications
Masters Culturally Informed Therapeutic Assessments 

Federal Requirement Reporting

Two-Year Service Commitment
PHSIS Report Progression

Congressional Requested Reports

MFP Academic Institution Representation in IOWA
MFP Impact (Child Specialty Report)