Diversity Scholarship for Emerging Leaders (formerly Master's Student Minority Scholarship)


The Foundation for the Advancement of Human Systems (FAHS) awards scholarships to minority students. Eligible individuals include United States citizens and permanent visa residents, including, but not limited to, those who identify as Black/African American, American Indian/Alaska Native, Asian/Asian American, Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander, Hispanic, Latino/a, or Spanish origin, LGBT, bi/multilingual, or an individual with one or more disability. The scholarship is open to the following membership categories: Pre-Clinical Fellows, Student, and Clinical Fellows who have been members for less than five (5) years. COAMFTE students or graduates from a COAMFTE program are preferred, but it is not a requirement. The purpose is to support the recruitment, training, and retention of minorities in the field of marriage and family therapy.


This award may be self-nominated by an AAMFT member or nominated by another AAMFT member. Nominators must submit:

  • A current resume;
  • A letter from the Director of the graduate training program or institute affirming the nominee’s academic status and including an assessment of the nominee’s commitment to the field of marriage and family therapy, as well as a statement of the nominee’s potential as a marriage and family therapist;
  • Two letters of reference (these are in addition to the letter from the Director);
  • A detailed personal statement including how the nominee’s diverse background has had an impact on them and their career decision; and
  • One official transcript.

Letter of Recommendation

All self-nominations require a letter of recommendation to be submitted with materials.


The award consists of:

  • A cash award up to $3,000 per recipient.
  • An engraved plaque presented at an AAMFT event (virtual or in person).
  • Reimbursement of up to $1,000 per recipient for travel to the AAMFT event (if applicable).
  • The event registration fee will also be waived for the award recipient(s) (if applicable).

How to apply: In order to qualify for this award, interested candidates must complete an online application  .

Note: The AAMFT Systemic Family Therapy Conference registration fee will be waived for all award recipients. In order to avoid the perception of a conflict of interest, anyone who is on the AAMFT, The Foundation for the Advancement of Human Systems, or AAMFT sponsored payroll is ineligible to be considered for an award so long as that financial relationship exists.  All award recipients must be members of AAMFT with the exception of those receiving the Excellence in Media award, and at least one author of the Outstanding Research Publication award must be a member.

2023 Award Recipients

Diversity Scholarship for Emerging Leaders Award Video 

Jae Avilez  

       John-Arash Adams  


Past Recipients of the Diversity Scholarship for Emerging Leaders and Minority Scholarship

  • MaiLinh Hartz (2022)
  • Danielle Samuel (2022)
  • Lindsey Washington (2021)
  • Starlin Astacio (2021)
  • Jasmine Ferrill (2020)
  • Lorin Kelly (2020)
  • Karen Neri Pack (2019)
  • Alexandra Gillespie (2019)
  • La'Shonda Flecther (2018)
  • Micah Brown (2018)
  • Michael Curtis (2017)
  • Kaylyn Gyden (2017)
  • Cerise Lewis (2016)
  • Kyle Zrenchik (2016)
  • Kiran Hussain (2015)
  • Bridget Sanchez (2015)
  • Florence Lewis (2015)
  • Jessica Floyd (2014)
  • Lawrence Jackson (2014)
  • Eilene Ladson (2014)
  • Brittany Lynch (2013)
  • Beverly Clemons (2013)
  • Anike Adekoya
  • Tina Phousouvanh (2012)
  • Sarah McDougall (2012)
  • John R. Hart (2011)
  • BreAnna L. Davis (2011)
  • Edward M. Callirgos (2011)
  • Jacqueline F. Walker (2010)
  • Shardé N. McNeil (2010)
  • Blendine P. Hawkins (2010)
  • Maryah F. Qureshi (2009)
  • Corinne A. Stevens (2008)
  • Xavier A. Spencer (2008)
  • Claudia M. Lara (2008)
  • Roy C. Fisher (2007)
  • Narkia M. Green (2006)
  • Katrina Robinson (2005)
  • Tricia Hudson (2005)
  • Kristine M. Andrews (2005)
  • Karen M.T. Quek (2004)
  • Nelba L. Marquez-Greene (2004)
  • Christina M. Holland (2004)
  • Christopher D. Stevens (2003)
  • Ericka L. King (2003)
  • Omari L. Dyson (2003)
  • Nikkiah Wyatt (2002)
  • Dynesha Riley (2002)
  • Marian Mitchell (2002)
  • Duduzile Dludlu (2001)
  • Sandy Moghadam (2001)
  • Linda Young (2001)
  • Ayanna K.H. Reed (2000)
  • Dakesa D. Schooler (2000)
  • Salima Jiwa (2000)
  • Marcy Galvez (1999)
  • Leon Altamira (1999)
  • Tara Edwards (1998)
  • Hector Gonzales (1998)
  • Yoko Fukui (1997)
  • Jeannie Hahn (1997)
  • Keith Bell (1997)
  • Karen Fernandez-Cosgrove (1996)
  • Wellington (Duke) White (1996)
  • Judith Maria Bermudez (1996)
  • Marlo Theresa Rouse (1995)
  • Gloria Gonzalez Lopez (1995)
  • Young Hee Chang (1995)