Foundation Contributors

The Foundation for the Advancement of Human Systems (FAHS) would like to acknowledge the generous support of all who have contributed to the Foundation for the Advancement of Human Systems' (FAHS) Annual Appeal. The contributions will allow us to fund systemic and relational research, scholarship, and education in an effort to support and enhance the practice of systemic and relational therapies; advance the health care continuum; and improve client outcomes.

Did you know...        

• Over 500 MFTs in training have received Foundation support in their vital work with underserved populations in the United States?
• Nearly 100 MFTs and those in training have received recognition from the Foundation for their research into advancing our profession and the practice of MFT?
• Vital trainings and initiatives focused on working with emergent issues such as treatment of immigrants and refugees and supporting families impacted by incarceration are developed and offered annually by the Foundation for the Advancement of Human Systems (FAHS)?
• The Foundation for the Advancement of Human Systems (FAHS) works with partners and programs such as the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration and Mental Health US to bring needed attention to the crippling barriers to mental health services in an effort to increase access for all?

The Foundation for the Advancement of Human Systems (FAHS) is funded entirely by contributions from MFTs from around the world who want to help influence positive change in our society. But without your support, these efforts won’t continue.

Join your fellow MFTs today by donating to the Foundation for the Advancement of Human Systems to support our commitment to building a better tomorrow for us all.

EIN: 75-1255558

2022 Contributors

Founder's Circle

Cornerstone Circle

  • Stephanie Brooks, PhD
  • Michael L. Chafin, Med
  • Robert M. Cunningham 
  • Shelley Hanson, MA
  • Naveen Jonathan, PhD

Pillar Circle

Friend Circle 

  • Joan M. Calvert, EdD
  • Tresa Goodfellow, MS
  • Jameszetta T. Hardison
  • Silvia Kaminsky, MSEd
  • Sarah E. Lyon, PhD
  • Robert M. Misurell, EdD
  • Jacqueline Williams-Reade, PhD
  • Erin C. Schaefer, MAEd
  • Andrea K. Wittenborn, PhD
  • May Yung Judy Wong, MSS

2021 Contributors

Founder's Circle

  • Timothy F. Dwyer, PhD
  • Shelley Hanson, MA
  • Tracy A. Todd, PhD

Cornerstone Circle

  • Mike Bishop, PhD
  • Michael L. Chafin, MEd
  • Chris F. Fariello. PhD
  • Tess Goodfellow, MS
  • Naveen Jonathan, PhD
  • Silvia Kaminsky, MSed
  • Hong Li- Therapy Committee of the Chinese Psychological Society 
  • Erin Schaefer, MAEd
In Memory of Marge Young Dwyer 
  • Michael Chafin, MEd
  • Christopher Habben, PhD 
  • Shelley Hanson, MA
  • Silvia Kaminsky, MSEd
  • Marvarene Oliver, EdD
  • Erin Schaefer, MAEd
  • Linda Schwallie, MS
  • Robin Stilwell, MA

Pillar Circle

  • David C. Blanchard
  • Stephanie Brooks, PhD
  • Robert M. Cunningham
  • Brooke Elmore
  • Sarah E. Lyon, PhD
  • Marvarene Oliver, EdD
  • Linda Schwallie, MS
  • Isha D. Williams, PhD
  • Andrea K. Wittenborn, PhD

Friend Circle 

  • J.C. Bailey, MA
  • Sherry H. Barbour
  • Emma J. Bartlett
  • David C. Bethany, MEd
  • Maritza Poindexter-Brown
  • Mary P. Coppinger, MS
  • Juan M. Crockett, MS
  • Cecile David
  • Mary James Dean, DMin
  • Brenda L. Dew, PhD
  • Sonia Fairclough, MS
  • Judith Ann Finley
  • Rachael S. Glasser, MAMFT
  • Rama R. Gogineni
  • Vena Kim
  • Nina M. Laltrello, MFT
  • Audrey Rebecca Lanier
  • Martha L. LaRiviere, MA
  • Alan F. Ludington, MS
  • Christine Michaels
  • Carmen I. Noscheese, MS
  • Marvarene Oliver, EdD
  • Carol Podgorski, MSMFT
  • Cheryl A. Rainey, PhD
  • Ivanna M. Richardson, EdD
  • Garret T. Roundy, MS 
  • Jaime Rodriguez, MFT
  • Gilberto Rustice
  • Linda Schwallie, MS - In honor of Silvia Kaminsky's, MSEd service and devotion to AAMFT
  • Robert W. Sheen, MA
  • Jacqueline Shinefield, EdD
  • Robin K. Stillwell, MA
  • Linda L. Terry, EdD
  • Jose B. Torres, PhD
  • Palmer T. Van Beest, MS
  • Carolyn H. Van Laare, MFT


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