Minority Fellowship Program Mentors 
2022-2023 Program Year 


The MFP strengthened its Mentorship Program for broader and increased mentoring. Each Fellow is assigned an MFP Mentor as part of the program.  MFP Mentors are leaders in the field who volunteer their time to the MFP program. Mentors are paired with Fellows based on professional and scholarly interests, and provide, at a minimum, two hours (for the year) of consultation per Fellow on variety of professional development issues relevant to each individual Fellow.  Due to our programmatic growth and because the MFP Mentors and Fellows change yearly, we give each Mentor and Fellow a Guide for MFP Mentorship for our MFP Fellowship Programs.  The MFP Mentors will continue to respond to Fellow needs around professional development, networking, future job searches, etc. Fellows remain in the program until the duration of the year.

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MFP Mentorship Data

2018- 2022 Mentorship time period (average)

34 Mentors
248 hours (total) service
68 Fellows Impacted

MFP Mentors of the Year