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"By deepening my understanding of the disparities and inequalities that cause higher rates of mental heath issues and substance abuse of those within this community, the MFP has helped me develop into a better culturally sensitive practitioner." - Crystal Clark MFP Masters Fellow (2019-2020)

"This (MFP Fellowship) has been an enjoyable experience. I am very glad that trainings were offered that I was able to use in my current role as a therapist. I was particularly appreciative of all the trainings we received on culture and cultural sensitivity. - Sylvia Parron MFP Masters Fellow (2019-2020)

"All of the webinar/ trainings provided (by the MFP Fellowship) valuable information. -  Alicia Demartra-Pressley MFP Masters Fellow (2020-2021)

"The MFP went above and beyond in terms of funding and I am very grateful for the training and financial assistance I received especially in the times of the Pandemic." - Lydia Lawson MFP Masters Fellow (2020-2021)

"I enjoyed the way that the program offered opportunities for the Fellows to meet outside of webinars with the book club and the extra workshops. I also really appreciated being able to earn official CEs through AAMFT. The MFP Training Institute was definitely the highlight of my time. I’m so grateful we were able to meet in person and I experienced so much personal healing on the trip. The MFP Training Institute reminded me why I love this field and I am excited to continue to work with the MFP." - Nadia Glover MFP Masters Fellow (2021-2022)

"Working on the culturally sensitive activity worksheets with our group was a great experience of taking thoughts in our head (and putting them) into application. Because of the MFP Fellowship, I have some ideas of how I can move from a theoretical place (in)to a more applied place. That (The MFP) helped me to also understand theoretical models better as I am only just now beginning my second semester of practicum. I enjoyed the AAMFT Systemic Family Therapist Conference and the MFP Intensive Training Institute training where I had the opportunity to meet my peers and build, what I hope is, long-term connections." -  Elizabeth Valencia MFP Masters Fellow (2021-2022)