Follow the MFP Fellow

Please follow the journey our Fellows take in one year of their MFP Fellowship experience. Click on each stage and witness their life-changing experience learning how to improve mental health and substance abuse services to racial and ethnic minority populations and underserved populations. An MFP Fellowship is a professional training appointment into a community of other students and professionals who hold similar professional interests. Indeed, the MFP provides stipends, or living allowances funded by SAMHSA, to students who hold the fellowships. However, we also facilitate leadership development and provide professional guidance with the aim of deepening the skills sets and knowledge base of the fellows in areas related to minority mental health research and services. 

Stages of the Fellowship
1. Orientation
2. MFP at the Systemic Family Therapy Conference
3. Meeting Your Mentor
4. Accomplishing your First Assignment
5. MFP Intensive Training Institute Event
6. Professional Development
7. MFP Fellow Reflections at The Leadership Symposium - March 9-11, 2023
8. Increasing your knowledge in mental health and substance abuse
9. Impact government and external systems with research in DC
10. Growing in confidence as a practitioner  
11. Self-Evaluation and Reflection
12. Graduation