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MFP Testimonials 

“The Minority Fellowship Program offered me the first time to go to the AAMFT Annual Conference and I was not disappointed. It (the opportunity) was an amazing experience to be surrounded by like-minded MFT students and hundreds of practitioners and researchers. I gained valuable skills and knowledge not only from the trainings, but also from the networking opportunities. Going to the conference renewed my sense of purpose and drive to be a MFT and to further the field in the future.” –  Kevin Hynes, MFP Doctoral Fellow (2017-2018)

"Training, mentorship, monetary support, networking with other MFP colleagues, is what I loved about the MFP Fellowship." – Daniel Cooper MFP Doctoral Fellow (2018-2019)

"The opportunity to connect with peers and professionals with similar goals for social justice." Heather Love  MFP Doctoral Fellow (2019-2020)

"My MFP mentor helped me to clarify future prospects and career goals. He (my mentor) offered useful insights on research publications and advised me on matters related to business by sharing his personal experiences. He (my mentor) explained to me the difference between profit and non-profit and working with both. He (my mentor) also provided some important leads and contacts of people who could help me in achieving my future goals." – Gift Nleko MFP Doctoral Fellow (2019-2020)

"During the fellowship year, I was able to focus on my research focusing on at-risk minority youth. I was able to complete a (research) project that highlighted the importance of parental support as a moderator for Black male’s academic achievement. I was also able to find employment." – Lawrence Jackson MFP Doctoral Fellow (2019-2020)

"I liked that I was able to be connected with a group of amazing, passionate Fellows and (MFP) program staff who were passionate and committed. I also liked the access to SAMHSA webinars and leaders in our field who inspired me (mentor, conference presenters). – Debra Miller MFP Doctoral Fellow (2020-2021)

"I cannot tell you enough how much I appreciate and cherish this opportunity." – Samantha Simpson MFP Doctoral Fellow (2020-2021)

"The MFP staff was phenomenal and very inspired. It felt like I was home during every training that we attended. I also enjoyed the avenues of networking that we were presented with." – Lawrencia Jenkins MFP Doctoral Fellow (2020-2021)