Request An MFP Onsite Visit

The Minority Fellowship Program visits Marriage and Family Therapy programs in the United States from October - March. The purpose of an MFP Onsite Visit is to present information about the MFP program; the benefits, additional learning, and progress of the program in the MFT profession. During a visit the MFP staff will have the opportunity to meet interested students and faculty. (The MFP has the ability to do a virtual visit through our teleconferencing platform, ZOOM.) To request an MFP Onsite Visit please send us an email ( with the following information:

ATTN: MFP Onsite Visit Request

Please include the following: the university and academic program information, the number of students in program, and number of students who will attend the MFP Visit.

Onsite Visit Statistics


8 - 9 Visits per year
135 Students Impacted
72 Student Meetings
36 Total Hours