Graduate Student Research Award


The Foundation for the Advancement of Human Systems (FAHS) confers up to two cash awards annually to assist graduate students in the completion of their thesis or dissertation pertaining to couples and family therapy or family therapy training.


This award may be self-nominated by an AAMFT member or nominated by another AAMFT member. Nominator must submit the nominee’s proposal and a written statement (500 words max) of why the proposal should be selected. Selection criteria for the award include:

  1. Significance of the topic for family therapy;
  2. Quality of the conceptualization and design;
  3. Feasibility;
  4. Availability of support to complete the topic.

In the case of equally meritorious applications, consideration will be given to applicants who have demonstrated active participation in an AAMFT activity. Examples, in addition to AAMFT membership, may include such activities as volunteering at a AAMFT event, being a presenter at an AAMFT event, or a poster presentation.

Letter of Recommendation

All self-nominations require a letter of recommendation to be submitted with materials.


The award consists of:

  • A cash award up to $2,500 per recipient;
  • An engraved plaque presented at an AAMFT event (virtual or in person)
  • Reimbursement of up to $1,000 per recipient for travel to the AAMFT event (if applicable).
  • The event registration fee will also be waived for the award recipient(s) (if applicable).

How to apply: In order to qualify for this award, interested candidates must complete an online application  .   

Note: The AAMFT Systemic Family Therapy Conference registration fee will be waived for all award recipients. In order to avoid the perception of a conflict of interest, anyone who is on the AAMFT, The Foundation for the Advancement of Human Systems, or AAMFT sponsored payroll is ineligible to be considered for an award so long as that financial relationship exists.  All award recipients must be members of AAMFT with the exception of those receiving the Excellence in Media award, and at least one author of the Outstanding Research Publication award must be a member.

2023 Award Recipients

Graduate Student Research Award Video 

Kayla Doyle

                  Morgan Hamilton                      


Past Recipients of the Graduate Student Research Award

  • Chelynn Randolph (2022)
  • Tatjana Farley (2022)
  • Sapna Srivastava (2021)
  • Marissa Mosley (2021)
  • Aimee Hubbard (2020)
  • Morgan Lancaster Strickland (2020)
  • Sarah Wolford (2019)
  • Allison Rayburn (2018)
  • Stephanie Armes (2018)
  • Angelique Foye (2017)
  • Kayla Reed Fitzke (2017)
  • Megan Ferriby (2016)
  • Bridget Sanchez (2016)
  • Megan Oed (2015)
  • Amy Claridge (2014)
  • Ashley Landers (2013)
  • Erica J.W. Kanewischer (2012)
  • Adam M. Moore (2009)
  • Lisa Zak-Hunter (2009)
  • Faith Drew (2008)
  • Mary Sue Green (2008)
  • Elise M. Cole (2007)
  • Ebony Joy James (2006)
  • Sean Davis (2005)
  • Kelly A. Blasko (2003)
  • Yael R. Ebenstein (2003)
  • Katherine A. Hertlein (2002)
  • Stefani Hendrick (2001)
  • Stephanie Walsh (2001)
  • Michelle R. Ward (2000)
  • Steven Kogan (1999)
  • Charette Dersch (1999)
  • Beth Spring (1998)
  • Timothy Ozechowski (1998)
  • Jane F. Dye (1997)
  • Gary M. Diamond (1996)
  • Maryann Sheridan Walsh (1996)