Cumulative Contribution to Family Therapy Research Award


The Foundation for the Advancement of Human Systems (FAHS), honors one member each year for continuous, meritorious, and generative contribution to research in family therapy. 


This award may be self-nominated by an AAMFT member or nominated by another AAMFT member. Nominators must submit a curriculum vitae of the person being nominated and a written statement (500 words max) of ways that the nominee demonstrates a cumulative contribution to family therapy research and meets one or more of the following criteria:

  1. Development of original theory that stimulates the systematic study of important issues in family therapy.
  2. Superior design and execution of research programs.
  3. Pioneering explorations of new research areas.
  4. Significant contribution to substantive knowledge in the field.
  5. Codification of a field of inquiry.
  6. Conceptual integration.
  7. New techniques of measurement, data collection and data analysis.

Letter of Recommendation

All self-nominations require a letter of recommendation to be submitted with materials.


The award consists of:

  • An engraved plaque presented at an AAMFT Event (virtual or in person). .
  • Reimbursement of up to $1,000 per recipient in travel expenses when applicable*.
  • The event registration fee will also be waived for the award recipient(s) when applicable.

How to apply: In order to qualify for this award, interested candidates must complete an online application  .  

Note: The Systemic Family Therapy Conference registration fee will be waived for all award recipients. In order to avoid the perception of a conflict of interest, anyone who is on the AAMFT, Foundation for the Advancement of Human Systems (FAHS), or AAMFT sponsored payroll is ineligible to be considered for an award so long as that financial relationship exists.  All award recipients must be members of AAMFT with the exception of those receiving the Excellence in Media award, and at least one author of the Outstanding Research Publication award must be a member.



Past Recipients of the Organizational Contribution Award

  • Michael Chafin (2020)
  • Michael Fitzpatrick (2020)
  • Marvarene Oliver (2019)
  • Linda Schwallie (2012)
  • Mary E. Hotvedt (2012)
  • Cheryl Storm (1999)
  • Marcia Lasswell (1999)
  • Robert Stahmann (1999)
  • Alan Hovestadt (1999)
  • Leticia Cox (1998)
  • Maureen Leahey (1997)
  • Dorothy Becvar (1996)
  • Lyman Wynne (1995)